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Dental Implants


If you are missing 1 or 2 teeth, sometimes a dental implant is a better choice than a bridge.  They do not depend on the strength of the teeth next to the missing area and typically feel more natural.  Essentially, a dental implant is a titanium screw or post that gets placed into the bone of your upper or lower jaw.  After 3 months of healing, we can design a crown to fit onto that dental implant and restore your smile back to normal.


When a tooth has a very large cavity, infection, or very large broken area, there comes a time when the tooth is unfixable.  Although that is frustrating, we can help.  Either Dr. Vander Giessen will help remove the tooth, or he will determine if a specialist should remove the tooth.  Usually we wait about 3 months after the tooth is removed before placing the dental implant into your bone.  Occasionally we can place a dental implant the same appointment we remove a tooth.

Temporary Partial Denture

When we need to remove a tooth, often we can design a Temporary Partial Denture to fill in the missing area while we wait for the next steps.

Sizing and Placement

After the extraction site has healed (usually about 3 months), we determine the exact width and length of dental implant to use.  Typically we will have a short planning visit and take an x-ray and set of impressions of your teeth.  The dental implant placement procedure can usually be done here with Dr. Vander Giessen.  If a specialist is needed for your particular case, we will direct you to a specialist we trust.  We will discuss all the details once we determine the right answer for your tooth situation.

Implant Crowns or Bridges

After an additional 3 months of letting the dental implant heal in your jaw bone, we can finally design a crown or bridge to fit.  We will make it look and feel as natural as possible.


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