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Routine Cleanings
& Exams

Fillings &






If you need teeth removed before a denture is made, either Dr. Vander Giessen or a trusted specialist will help with that.  We will help you develop a treatment plan.

Full Dentures

If all of your top and/or all of your bottom teeth need to be removed, we can help.  Truthfully, dentures are hard to get used to.  But when they are needed, what a blessing they are!  Depending on your gum and jaw bone structure, some dentures fit more snuggly than others.  Often times a lower denture fits poorly and we will discuss with you potentially supporting it with 2 or more dental implants.

Partial Dentures

If you are only missing some of your teeth and your remaining teeth are healthy, a partial denture may be your best solution.  They are typically made from a metal support structure, pink plastic and plastic denture teeth.  They clip onto or over your other healthy teeth and are strong enough to chew with.

Temporary Partial Dentures

Sometimes we temporarily design a version of a partial denture that is not strong enough to chew with.  It can be made quickly in an emergency tooth loss situation.  Often we use these after an unexpected tooth loss in preparation for a dental bridge or dental implant.


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