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Sometimes the nerve of a tooth can die.  A tooth nerve can die because of a deep cavity, large crack or tooth injury.  Sometimes a dead nerve in a tooth can be accompanied by infection, pain, or swelling, but many times a dead tooth is only noticed by discoloration or evidenced in an x-ray.  Most dead nerves can be fixed with a root canal treatment.  Essentially, a root canal treatment hollows out the center of the root(s) of your tooth where the nerve was living.  Once the area is cleaned and disinfected, we fill in the center of each root with a special filling material called gutta percha.  Please note that almost 100% of back teeth that require a root canal also need a crown.  This is due to the strength of your tooth and protection from leaking.

When Do I Need a Specialist?

If your tooth or roots have a difficult shape or curve, you may need an endodontist (root canal specialist) to do your root canal.  Furthermore, if your tooth already has a root canal and develops a secondary problem, you may need an endodontist.  We will help you decide when an endodontist is needed.


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