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Teeth Whitening

Whether you have a single tooth or a mouth full of teeth that are discolored, we can customize a whitening strategy for most situations.  We can design a custom retainer-like tray for your teeth and coach you how to use our whitening gel.  Sometimes we need to see you in the office and bleach an individual tooth with a stronger whitening gel.  Let us try figure out how we can help!  We want you to love everything about your smile!

TMJ Pain

Are you clenching or grinding your teeth?  Do you have any clicking, popping, locking, or discomfort in your jaw?  Do you wake up with headaches, sore jaw joints, facial muscle pain, or sensitive teeth?  We would like to discuss with you how these things may be helped.  Ultimately we desire a healthy and pain free jaw joint.  Remember TMD stands for Temporomandibular Disorder; TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint.   

Night Guards

If you are diagnosed with TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) or you have other signs of excessive dental enamel wear, you may need a night guard.  Let us help you effectively protect your teeth and manage your TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) pain.   

Specialty Referrals

As general dentists we are able to care for you with a large variety of different skills.  However, there are times where a specialist is either a better choice or the required choice.  We will help you understand when and why a specialist is suggested.  This may include orthodontists (braces specialist), periodontists (gum disease specialist), endodontist (root canal specialist), oral surgeons, oral medicine specialists, or ear/nose/throat specialists.


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